The Little Box In The Cloud

Just as Sony launches Playstation TV at E3, there are reports that Chromecast viewing is seriously dropping off.

So, the generation of new TV mini bixes have a way to go. From Roku to Apple TV they have mixed adoption. Indeed, the problem for mini TV boxes is that the hype far exceeds the use.

The reality is that a box is neither here nor there. what counts is the service and the contrent.

It would seem that Sony therefore has a good start with its online, games and content divisions. 

But the reality is that anyone can tap Netflix, Steam and Spotify and come up with an integrated solutions.

These small boxes are a strange dead cat bounce for the set top box industry that is now totally redundant.

All you need is a screen and a fast broadband connection. The reality is, no matter how small the box, it's too big.

The physical has to give way to the virtual.