Why Google Can Never Be Apple

Google wants to organise the world's data, but they can't even render their own fonts.

The lack of technical nouns at Google is actually breathtaking.

I spent a year and a half with them trying to get their own HTML5 tag for video working with their own DoubleClick ad tags on their AdX platform. It was something our devs could have sorted in a day or so.

I currently have a website that uses Google fonts looking lovely on Firefox and IE, but horrible in Chrome.

I seem to have lost streetwise because I have Earth installed, and the images are years behind Apple and Microsoft (yes I know they bought a satco to fix this...)

Google is getting it wrong on so many levels it's untrue.

Doing a lot of things badly is what they seem to aspire to, as opposed to doing a few things well. But that's hubris for you.

But to be fair, I have blogged before about this, using YouTube as the example of failure and I am now eating my own virtual words.

However, this is a company trying to do big audacious things but forgetting to fix the small things.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Their nemesis, Apple, is a company obsessed with detail and a badly rendered font to them would spell utter failure.

That's the difference between size and success.