Dark Skies Over Europe

As long predicted on this blog, the Sky rollup seems to finally be on the cards after being derailed by the News International scandals a couple of years ago.

The amazing thing about this deal will that it will leave Rupert Murdoch in effective control of BskyB, Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia whilst generating up to $10bn for 21st Century Fox and its proposed takeover of Time Warner.

This flurry of dealmaking is also happening at the content maker level with the proposed Shine - Endemol - Core Media rollup.

The Sky rollup makes sense with the EU increasingly regulating in favour of pan-European rights, but will all of this get past the regulators ?

Whatever happens, it looks like a larger and larger slice of the English language media market will be in the hands of a septuagenarian and an octogenarian as the kids from Silicon Valley bite at their heels.