16 Ryder Cup pirate channels generate 1.1 million viewers from Sky / NBC coverage

After a convincing win for the European Ryder Cup team we now have our completed review of the live video piracy levels across the 3 days of the Ryder Cup.

The information and estimates below are limited to the 16 pirate sites our systems have prioritised based on audience levels and breadth of content offered. 

Key points;

·   A total worldwide audience of 1.1 million unique users worldwide  watched the pirate coverage at some point from the 141 separate (and constant) streams offered across the 16 sites. We estimate 395,000 of these viewers to be in the UK. 

·   Klipcorp estimate a potential Sky / SkyGo loss of 98,750 subscribers due to this uninterrupted high quality pirate coverage (source feeds up to 4mbps).  No evidence of takedown activity / DMCA compliance was identified.

·   Coverage was uninterrupted for 12 hours per day (with the exception that one website admin overslept on day 3) and in HD in 20% of cases. 70% of the source Channel was Sky Sports with 30% from NBC/Golf Channel. One of the key source pirate channels utilised by multiple pirates is hosted in the UK.

·   Pirate activity was heavily supported by the Bookmakers and in a couple of cases premium brands. See graphic below.

Our sentinel systems will be online for the Champions League later this week so we can provide further information at that point.

If you are interested to get further information or assistance please contact peter@klipcorp.com.