Competition Heats Up For Netflix

Netflix and BSkyB announced their results on the same day, and it seems that the latter business is in ruder health than the former.

The British broadcaster's strategy of launching everywhere premium services seems to have been astonishingly successful, especially considering how creaky its core sports portfolio now is (last night the only live sports on any of the five Sky Sports channels was greyhound racing...).

Meanwhile, the news that HBO is to launch its own OTT service must be of great concern to Netflix (although it will be interesting to see how this pans out in territories like the UK where Sky has a buy out with HBO for its content - it remains to be seen if the HBO plans are domestic to the US only for now).

Meanwhile Blinkbox is up for sale and Amazon seems to be making scant inroads with its service. So, all eyes on Cupertino this afternoon to see if Apple will make any announcements about its Apple TV service.