The "rights window" has been the fundamental building block of creative content for over a century.

The idea that you release to one medium and then another. (Did you know that the UK got movies after Europe because they got US prints, whereas subtitled prints could be released earlier).

Today, anything can be released to any platform in any country almost immediately, with perhaps a pause to translate and subtitle of a day or so.

But the challenge for content investors and owners is how the maximise the return on their investments. As rights windows collapse this becomes more complex and difficult.

It reminds me of how, in 18th century England, the government introduced a tax on windows - yes the physical kind. You still find boarded up windows all over London in older buildings.

So, as things change fundamentally in the content industry, how do you cope with the changing windows ? Well, that's what we're figuring out and investing in at TV Everywhere.