Top 15 sports pirate sites hit 45.2 million unique visitors this week

The KLipcorp IP Sentinel system continues to deliver some very interesting data and this week the combined unique visitors from the Top 15 sports pirate sites hit 45.2 million.

To set this in some kind of context we thought it might be interesting to compare the Alexa rankings of some of the top pirate sites (the lower the ranking the more popular the site - Google is frequently number 1). is used as a reference point. : 952

Pirate 1 : 1937

Pirate 2 : 3722

Pirate 3 : 6456

The top 15 pirate sites combined generate more unique visitors than

The audeince growth rates of some of the pirates is astonishing:

Pirate 3 ranking in July 2014: 3.4 million

Pirate 3 ranking in October 2014 : 6456

This very rapid growth is illustrated on the chart below from Alexa;

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