The Google Scam

A few days ago, launching our new VidZapper 8 platform for video, I decided to return to Google advertising.

I set up both Adwords and Analytics accounts for this micro-site and set about putting together campaigns on Adwords.

On the surface, these seem pretty successful. Based on a limited, test budget, I have been quite successful:

It shows click through rates of 2 - 5%. And spending to match. Apparently I could spend more and get many more clicks. No shit, Sherlock..  I got 298 click thrus.

But how do I verify these clicks ?

Well, the Analytics account I set up show the following stats:

This shows a total of 249 sessions over the same period. So, how does 298 become 249 ?

But let's dig deeper.

This is how the clicks on Analytics pan out:

Looks like a good third of the clicks are from Asia and are very unlikely to be genuine. I am now going to remove Asia from the Adwords playout and let's see what will happen.

The bottom line is that there is no accountability by Google and who knows why companies spend so much advertising with them. It looks like a total scam to me looking at these statistics logically.