TV Everywhere Is Still Not Here

You'd think that after eughty odd years of broadcasting and nearly twenty years of the Internet, broadcasters would have got a grip on technology. But, oh no....

The @BBC still plays helicopter and playground noises on its HD channels because it can't seem to get its HD channels properly muxed. Five yea ago you might have forgiven them. Now it just makes them look stupid and makes their HD channels unwatchable.

@Sky still doesn't have its red button feeds available online. How difficult can that be ? Just another feed to the transcoder, Sky people!

Meanwhile @ITV and @Channel4 have no app for WebOS, so I can't access their programming on my 'smart TV'. If Channel 5 can manage it, why can't you ?

On the BT Sport website, designed by morons, you have to click five buttons before you can see any TV!

Worst of all, broadband provision in the UK is dreadful. OFCOM use self serving stats, but the reality is that it is dreadfully expensive for business and either provides dreadful bandwidth or reliability for domestic users. My TV looses its IP several times a week thanks to BT mucking around, involving a router reset, and I totally lose connectivity at least twice a day (usually in the middle of an important call).

So much for TV everywhere....