Technology Hasn't Helped Content Makers

There are people planning to send people to Mars, and there are people making some of the most challenging art. In the middle, the TV industry embraces technology and creativity, but generally does it in a bad way.

My biggest issue is that the same model repeats itself. YouTube now is no different to the Majors in the 20s when the United Artists decided to go their own way and the bug studios and media companies have always been.

The Internet was meant to enable and allow new players, but it's really only produced new feeders like Maker Studios and Righster that hang off the coat tails of Google. Basically, they are a concierge service for content makers who don't understand modern media or even how to manage a YouTube account. Or, more benevolently, they are modern day agents, taking a fee or cut for understanding these new distribution channels.

Over the past thirty years all I have seen is that technology is very badly used by the incumbents (look at how truly dreadful most TV channels' online services are), and how much worse the exploitation of technology by content companies has gone as they dream of disrupting this.

Nothing has changed in decades. It's just the content serf have new overlords like Apple, Google and Amazon.

For all the promise of the Internet, the willingness of content owners to embrace cuckoos like YouTube and Vimeo is destroying their future, but it's easier not to spend money today isn't it ?