Unfathomable Issues From British Internet TV

OK, let's face it, after decades, Internet TV is still crap.

1) ITV Player is awful - it looses sync, drops viewers at ad breaks and is truly a dreadful technological implementation, a mere decade after my former company gave this company a perfectly functional platformqq far superior to what they are doing now. But, oh, no, you have to develop it in house don't you ? Re-inventing the round wheel with a square one really isn't progress and ITV can be thankful for the success of their content, because their technology is doing nothing more than costing them money. The endless ads may seem to make commercial sense, but it makes me avoid the channel as much as I can. Also, the image quality online is just truly awful, unwatchable, as they try and save on bandwidth costs. 

2) Freeview - for their TV service, you have to retune it every ten minutes or so, the online guide crashes the whole time, the reception is awful. No online service at all.. Their iOS programming app crashes more often than it works. It's not surprising that more than half of all Brits pay for the TV they could be getting for free.

3) BT Sport - click, then click then click again, after around a lifetime you will get to view a live feed. This is the worst designed website I've EVER encountered. 

4) Sky - not supportng HDMI is just sad, having to right click and approve Silverlight every time is a pain. The online UI is just dreadful and nearly unusable. It's very old and very sad. Also, one app for listings and a separate app for viewing. Why?

5) S4C - the Welsh language channel has a site where even the website links don't work in Chrome. Click and click and nothing happens. Dreadful image quality. Amateur night.

Online TV in the UK is still ahead of most other countries, but if actual TV was this unfriendly to use there would be a riot. After two decades, Internet TV is still a dreadful experience that delivers less than traditional TV, not more, as it should.