ITV Needs A Technical Boost

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of what Adam Crozier has achieved at ITV, the UK's leading commercial TVE channel, doing a job that I once regarded as a poison chalice. But the success has come from the Studios end of the business. ITV is fast becoming the last major non public service programme producer in the UK as one super indie after the other gets snapped up by US or European media groups (the company may itself yet fall prey to the likes of Liberty Global).

But for Crozier to claim that it will take them years to measure their online and mobile audiences beggars belief 

On top of this, the problems with ITV Player must be seriously hampering online growth. I have just given up on this product which randomly stops and restarts a programme and is difficult to navigate and use across all kinds of devices.

The company also needs to wake up to the revolution in content distribution online and develop a better syndication and short form strategy, developing new commercial and revenue models along the way.

Focusing on the content was the right thing to do. Now the team at ITV have this sorted they need to focus on their technology.