Opinions and arseholes

A former colleague of mine was very fond of the expression "opinions are like arseholes - everybody has got one". This was a rather crude attempt to bring all opinions down to his level but you get the general idea.

In following up the earlier post on viewing figures some info has come back regarding the scope of BARB measurement.

1. BARB only measures viewing on a TV set - not other devices.
2. BARB does not split out internet delivered content delivery from other more traditional methods.

The result of this is that it is very difficult to accurately assess the growth rates of internet delivered OTT content such as Amazon, NetFlix, BBC I player, Popcorn Time(!) etc etc to the TV screen or other devices. This is key information when it comes to predicting how the convergence will really play out.

Informal observation (especially of the younger demographic) suggests the traditional TV viewing is less than 1/3 of general entertainment viewing in the home but that slots firmly into the category of opinion.

The good news is that BARB are looking into adding these data sets in at some point. However until then we can all have an opinion...........some better than others.