The Content Marketplace

So, it's showtime all over the world. NAB in Vegas, MIP in Cannes and the TV industry is at work being as inefficient as it ever has.

Trade shows favour big players who can throw money to their promoters. A kind of tax to stay in the game.

I can't remember when anything vaguely interesting was announced at either show, even at a time when the whole industry is in flux.

I've attended, exhibited and spoken at both shows and I'm not sure if it has ever done any good for my business.

But the ability to see a potential customer face to face and potentially sell something cannot be underestimated.

So, no one has created an online version of these markets. Providing the tools and interfaces required to totally disrupt the TV business model is something TV Everywhere is dedicated to do.

We'll be shortly rolling out some new products and services to directly address this and to make trade markets a thing of the past.