Voting Power

Well, here we go. There are elections in both the UK and US. So what effect will they have on those  of us furrowing in the media industry ?

In the US the polemic will persist, but the morons and crackpots that find such a great stage on Fox News will be shown to be the tiny minority that they are. The irony is that conservatives could do no more good to their cause than to close down their dreadful biased mouthpiece that brings so much division and hatred to US politics. Fox News just breads democrat voters, if all the research I've seen is correct.

Likewise in the UK, we have an incumbent party that should be walking the election, but their success is based on following their main opponents' policies to the letter, not their own. And their packaging and presentation is laughable. They have no confidence in anything and their Australian election guru looks like a total idiot.

Yet none of them are promising proper broadband connections, or freedom from snooping, or anything that is relevant to my world. It's all about economics and NHS and stuff..