Ten Ways To Make Money From Your Videos Online

Having a channel on YouTube is great, but unless you’re getting millions of impressions for every video, you’re restricted in how you can monetize all the hard work you’ve put into your productions.

In a meeting today I ran through some of the techniques that can be used be used to monetize channels that you run yourself using platforms such as our own VidZapper 8 platform.

1. Banner ads and MPUs – obviously, traditional web ads can be placed around a web page: since a web page with a video player is likely to remain static for some time as the viewer watches a video, spooling the ads every, say, 30 seconds will improve impressions and click thrus
2. Video advertising – pre-rolls, interstatials and post rolls can be deployed; our experience indicates that short frequent intervals work better than traditional TV type ling breaks: a single commercial of up to 30 seconds eery three to five minutes of content is optimal
3. Overlays – it may be annoying to users, but you can overlay ads on the video
4. Takeovers – this is usually a blend of placement adverts, video adverts and a surround advert around the player and can bring strong CPMs
5. Sponsorship – channel sponsorship and sponsorship packages are two different ways of bringing a more general revenue model
6. Classified video advertising – a technique that is gaining popularity in areas such as property marketing is filming videos for private and specific ads; these tend to work best for bigger ticket items
7. VCommerce – as TV shopping channel prove, using video to sell goods (and even services) can be very effective
8. Subscription/SVOD – charging viewers to see all or oart of a channel is the mist common means of monetizing content online, with service like Netflix boasting tens if millions of subscribers
9. PPV – pay per view can also work well for more valuable and difficult to see content, especially live events
10. Programme sales – the internet presents a great way of selling programmes to broadcasters and online services worldwide

Beyond this there are other dependencies, such as the ability to build an audience. A relatively small audience and high prices can work for, say, live sports events, but very large audience with long viewing times are essential to make advertising or sponsorship work.

One thing is for certain, if you want to make money from your video, YouTube is not the only place to be.