Why Twitter Is A Mess

So, we have an election in the UK today, and apparently Twitter is a great place for instant news. But if you search for UK general election 2015 the top result is a bloke in a hat.

Such is the issue with Twitter. It has no official channels, it is difficult to differentiate one thing from another. The curation sucks.

This is a service without merits. Its whole form is smaller than text ads on Google. The Vine and Periscope experiments are interesting, but how do you run a 30 sec ad before an 8 sec Vine ?

How do you stop your service from becoming the biggest piracy platform on earth ?

Twitter is a company in meltdown with no idea on how to commercialise its service, adding trivial add ons that are equally badly thought out. Worst still it ends up alienating anyone who really engages with it.