Cloud TV specialists TV Everywhere have launched vid\coding>, a new cloud based video encoding and archiving service for video using Microsoft’s Azure cloud.
The high latency, low cost video and TV encoding service offers high throughput encoding and adapts to the user’s content processing requirements with the aim of reducing costs for content producers in versioning and distributing their content.
“A film company may only want to occasionally upload a trailer or a screener and ultra high quality is more important than speed,” explains TV Everywhere CEO and vid\coding>, co-founder Iolo Jones. “A news organisation, however, will have much shorter items that they need to process as quickly as possible. vid\coding>, can dynamically adapt to these scenarios. The result is a service that is typically cheaper than systems such as Amazon Elastic Transcoder with faster speeds and better quality output.”
The master, along with versions of the files that will play out on all mainstream platforms and devices, are then made available via an embeddable player and individual streams.
Features include:
• Drag and drop uploader
• Upload from mobiles and tablets
• Support for broadcast and internet file formats
• Adaptive encoding
• Metadata editing
• Configurable profiles
• Player builder
• Redundant, secure cloud storage
The system also supports processing for broadcast distribution such as the UK’s DPP and US’s CableLabs and AMWA specifications. Users can also specify their own encoding parameters.
“Even if you need to distribute fifty or sixty technically different versions of the same production, vid\coding>, can easily enable that,” adds Jones.
The system leverages Microsoft’s new Azure Batch service which is to be launched in June 2015 and will also be offered to third party online platforms and cloud based systems that wish to integrate video processing into their systems via vid\coding>,’s comprehensive API.
Try it out here: