Apple Is Misfiring

Apple's event today took over a much bigger venue than that usually reserved, and had even more than the usual hype around it, but the resulting announcements show just how badly the company is fairing without its iconic founder.

Bigger iPad with tablet and keyboard, er, that's a Microsoft Surface, and with Surface you can use a mouse and find a precise place on the screen with a cursor, things which render the iPad useless as anything more than a hand held eBook reader or TV set.

Apple TV - obviously the company has failed to do any deals with content companies (why the heck don't they just buy them with all the spare change they have on their balance sheet ?), so they're trying to extend the iOS games paradigm onto the TV in your living room via Apple PC. Being worse than Chromcast, worse than PlayStation and worse than Wii is hardly a good place to be.

And apparently they make watches too...