Apps Is What Is Wrong With TV

So, Apple finally did a launch event where TV wasn't an afterthought (or a 'hobby' as they have called it in the past). But they couldn't have got it more wrong in my view.

Their revolutionary idea is that what TV needs is apps. Err... my TV has had those for nearly a decade, chaps...

And it's bloody annoying. Instead of one, unified interface when consuming video on my iPad I have to deal with a plethora of logins, interfaces and levels of technical competence.

My Sky TV app requires a login every time I touch it and has a dreadful UI. The ITV app makes it next to impossible to find anything apart from what was playing last night. I could go on..

What I want is a single, unified experience that wraps up all of my existing apps in one convenient user interface, not more fragmentation that allows website developers to pretend they understand how TV should work.