If You Work In TV, Then Let's Get The Hell Out Of Europe

If you needed any more reasons why the UK should quit the failed European merger experiment, then they are about to give it to you if you work in the European TV industry.

New proposals that are to be tabled by the EC today will aim to enable consumers to 'carry' their content wherever they are in Europe. Now, considering that it is still illegal to rip your music CDs for digital listening, this is quite a leap and is as badly thought out as the riddiculous cookie warnings that litter European websites to no effect.

The unit ntended consequence here will be to play straight into the hands of US Bug Internet companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Sky and Apple, who will now be able to buy content cheaper under a blanket agreement whilst European programme makers and broadcasters will suffer with lower revenues and an inability to compete. Essentially, in trying to offer consumer rights, the EU is tearing down the industry in Europe and handing it to the US.