2015 IPies

We are resurecting the annual awards of old. This year we are once more awarding IPies for those that have stood out in the field of IPTV in 2015.

Global Domination Award - goes to Netflix, who have used rights over very mediocre content to build the world's first truly global broadcast network and make themselves pretty much unassailable in the process. The only problem is that they're becoming too expensive to acquire.

Disinterface Of The Year - goes to BT, the UK broadcaster whose UIs are laughable, and they refuse to sack the clowns responsible and hand the task to someone who jnows what they are doing. Special Mention to S4C, where the main interface of their app shows no interface to anything more than a few shows.

The Aaaaarghhh! Award - goes to ITV for its frustrating sevices. You can reskin and rebrand, but the endless ads and poor technical implementation detract from the service to the point of abandonment.

The Disingenuous Award - goes to Comcast, who should be dominating world media, but who are instead doubling down on old business models and seriously pissing off their customers, who would switch to Google in a second...

Desperate Posting Award - goes to DaCast for their endless emails on how to optimise bluescreen live webcasting and the like. Actually, they are agressive and still surviving when I predicted that YouTube would have killed them off years ago. Power to you dudes..

The Infinity Award - goes to Apple, for never getting close with their TV aspirations.

The Technology Of The Year - well, it has to be the venerable MP4 wrapper. FLV has died a death of a thousand cuts and MPEG dash is still not established. WebM and Ogg are also rans...

The Peak Award - is given to services that were once dominant, but which have now had their day. The rise of Facebook has resulted in the errosion of YouTube's business plan, so the Google owned company is the recipient of this year's award.