Question Your TV Service

I used to have Sky at my homes  in London and Wales and it cost me £1,600 pa with BBC licences. I reckon I used to spend another £1000 a year on CDs and DVDs. That's £4k you need to earn as a taxpayer to pay for your entertainment. And that's before the additional £1000 for telephone, mobile and broadband services.

Now I pay £7 for Netflix every month, £7 for Now TV/Sky and £6 for Amazon Prime as well as £12 for a BBC licence. Spotify is £10, which does feel a bit steep.

So, £50 all in seems OK, with some PPV payments for sports and the £1k for telephone, mobile and broadband.

If you are a Sky or Virgin customer you really should do the sums. These are horribly expensive services.

You can now even buy Freeview boxes and TVs that will give you most of the regular channels absolutely free, with recording and catch up, although setting up an arial is likely to cost you.

So, the obvious services are probably not the way to go unless you are very wealthy. I suspect you can do the same in Europe, Australia or the US.