It Was TV

A few years ago I could not figure out how you could turn ITV around, but its management did it by maintaining its ad based model and building an international productions studio. 

It was deft and clever.

However, five years previously my company at the time had developed an online platform for ITV which they eventually dumped and then tried to write their own, and then tried over and over again.

The current iteration, the ITV Hub, is laughable and barely works on most media. It is so bad, I avoid ITV services. ITV are great at content, but dreadful at tech, and this will be their downfall.

After, perhaps, £50 million spent internally over ten years, we could have delivered a much better online presence for, perhaps, £100k. This is how unbalanced this company is.

They are now about to lose viewing at the rate of 10% a quarter to the likes of Netflix and a similar amount in advertising to the likes of YouTube.

ITV has a great production arm and a decent international sales capability and that will be its future.

Except that it will be bought shortly. BT perhaps. Or Discovery, or Comcast.

It is at a rich price and its shareholders will never get a better value.