Termination Day for Netflix

I don't have 'telly'. I have truly cord cut since my aerial was blown over in a storm last winter and watch all content via online apps, either generic to my LG screen, or more usually through a Roku dongle (go and buy one, they rock!).

I have swapped my stupid expensive Skye and Virgin subscriptions for Amazon Prime, Now TV, Netflix and the usual gamut of UK online apps (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5).

Over the past few weeks I've been analysing how I've been using these services.

Now TV accounts for around 70% of viewing time with its extensive range of box sets from Sky in the UK and HBO and ABC amongs many others. This would definitely be my desert island IPTV (or OTT as it now seems to be called) service.

Second is the BBC app, followed by Channel 4 (with a great range of foreign box sets in their 'Walter' series) and then ITV. The expiry of content after a month is a real frustration here since you can often miss the first programme in a season.

Next comes Amazon Prime with some nice series such as Vikings and Turn.

Finally, there's Netflix, which is almost an irrelevance. It has very, very little good, new, original TV box set type content - House of Cards once a year doesn't cut it. The movies are languid. It may be taking over the world, but I reckon we spend less than 1% of our time on Netflix, so it's time to cut another cord and move on...