Why Do We Put Up With Mayfly TV ?

It's a wet bank holiday Sunday and I'm thoroughly enjoying the SWALEC finals on S4C. But, as more and more of the top rugby rights get swallowed up by the pay TV channels, why can't S4C's two channels, or BBC3 or 4 before 7pm be used to show such secondary sports. Or is there scope for a dedicated channel for rugby or for secondary sports ?

Worse than the lack of coverage is the fact that almost no sports is available on demand after it happens (beyond highlights packages). It drives me bonkers in the box set era.

There's nowhere I can pay a quid to watch Saturday's Saracens v Northampton or Munster v Ospreys on a Tuesday evening. The games have been covered and produced at huge cost but then fall into some great dark rights hole, never to be seen again.

The same goes for even Premiership football games. As ephemeral as a mayfly.

Sports in the UK (and in most other markets in the world) needs a Dave TV. Sports rights holders are leaving a significant amount of cash on the table...