Why The UK Government Is Letting Technology Down

Silicon Valley went from being a place where you grew citrus fruits to a place where you grew the world's largest companies due to a single factor. US Government defence spending.

Governments should both invest in and be patrons of innovation. Such thinking has given us Concorde, CERN and Space Stations.

It shouldn't give us HS2, black cabs and a new bypass for Newport. It should give us hyperloops, driverless cars and ultra fast broadband for everyone.

Government should aspire to champion, promote and implement technology, like it implemented the NHS.

There should be a Department for Technology which could point out that billion pound aircraft carriers could pay for a million drones, that a guy with a gun is more ineffective than a guy with a computer. It should champion home grown tech companies who can take on the world, not sell out to Big Internet at the first sniff of success. It should reform the health industry using software management and innovative hardware.

Where is the technology Aneurin Bevan or the British Al Gore ?

The EU has become a proxy for all the things a government doesn't want to risk, a convenient excuse. A cop out, if you like.

Let's get out of the EU and challenge our government to use and support technology to build and create wealth for us all.