Time To Get Real About Your Content

This week I was accused by a respected colleague about banging on about the same old things in this publication. But, as they say, all that it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing. And my conviction is doubled after a call with a broadcaster client and his tech team this week,

On a call, the teach and production team from a small regional broadcaster asked how they could use our platform to embed YouTube videos. They were really not interested in any tools beyond Facebook or YouTube, which is why nearly all ad revenue is moving away from traditional media to Facebook and YouTube.

These guys just saw how easy these platforms were to use and the impressions they were getting and were selling this to their bosses as the way forward.

Yeah, we got ten thousand viewers on FB for that live feed. Big fucking deal. How much money did you make to pay for all the production costs? Yes, your staff are inciting you to give away money to some of the richest corporations on earth.

No one was asking: "what is this costing us?" or "how do we monetise?".

Well, let me read you a hard truth. It is costing you the salaries of these techies and their mates, plus the salaries of everyone producing your content.

In fact, your staff are so young and stupid that they have persuaded you to outsource all of your revenues, but none of your costs, to very clever American non-taxpaying multinationals. Which, of course, is their business model.