I've Seen The Future Of TV... And It's Illegal

 Over 87% of televisions now capable of connecting to the web and my wife is very annoyed.

Once upon a time we used to have Virgin media and Sky boxes with unified interfaces where one button took you to scheduled channels and another to recordings.

Now we have devices and apps - a STB for Freeview, which has apps, Chromecast, for which you need to use apps on your phone and ipad, a Roku stick and its apps, and the LG scrreen also has apps. Of course, some apps work on some devices and not on othrs, hencee the plethorra of HDMI slots used up and the perplexed state of my spouse. And who can blam her.

Technologists often sell their technology on making life easier and they spend fortunes on researching "user experience" and the current situation for IPTV is just dreadful.

But there is an answer which does most things which you would want an IPTV platforrm to do: it gives you access to every channel you can imagine (there i a lack of on demand content at present), enables you to searchand even   record channels online (it does lack an EPG).

The troublee is Mobdro sails very close to the wind and I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty confident that using it to access some of the content it makes available may well be illegal. But it does open the door to how an ideal TV app should work from a viewer's perspective.