The Rise Of TV Metaservices

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Samsung claim to have unveiled the 'most intelligent TV ever' at CES, Amazon has announced that Alexa is soon to appear on the Fire TV range of sticks and boxes and Roku has announced rapid growth and a major fundraise.

It all points to two issues that are becoming the most important to the TV industry.

First is the problem of navigation in the app era: finding a programme hidden deep in the search function of one of tens of apps on your TV or STB can be a frustrating experience. Linear is easy, binge is easy, discovery is not.

So why not use the second issue - the rise of artificial intelligence - to tackle this problem ?

Perhaps Alexa can keep track of what I have seen and what I haven't seen (which is so annoying on Netflix), can tell me when the latest edition of my favourite show is screening and can find a programme by voice command ?

The next battle in TV will be for a metaservice which can overcome the frustrations of viewers who are routinely abused by current networks and service providers.

If you think that this is how Google usurped publishing without producing any content, you can see what a battlefield this is set to be as broadcasters try to protect their metadata and the AI giants try to trawl as much data as possible.