While You See A Chance Take It

Apple and Google have one window in which to take down a company which will probably eventually be their biggest competitor (the delinquent Facebook has already trounced Google in ad sales).

Ban Facebook from accessing images, videos and contacts (naively, before recent revelations, I thought they did, only enabling access to content specifically uploaded) on iOS and Android devices and the whole world changes, well, for the Big Internet companies, at least.

And require Facebook to disclose to the user how they use their data at every step. This will be a legal requirement anyway in Europe from next month.

And on the issue of GDPR, there is a simple requirement that it should enforce. 

Users need to click on every clause of any terms and agreements. In other words, they need to read that forty page legal gobbledegook and agree to every provision, and not scan the tick off the whole caboodle. 

With regulators closing down on them, will Google and Apple take this opportunity? They are willing to be ruthless against small businesses, but will they eat one of their own ?