Why Netflix Will Fail

I am an avid Netflix viewer, or at least have been.

Netflix’ business model should be like a gym. You sign up as many people as possible and hope they make as little use of your service as possible.

But Netflix is a dichotomy. They seem keen for people to watch as much as possible, and every stream costs them money. And they’re keen to do this at as high quality as possible, which costs them even more.

Meanwhile they churn out content in a wide range of languages (and now dub all the shows into English, which is very annoying to those of us who prefer subtitles).

So, I am going to unsubscribe from Netflix. Every time I open it I spend ten to fifteen minutes looking for something I want to watch and find nothing.

So, Netflix, this is why I am leaving :

Dubbing - please at least provide subtitles as an option
Dreadful production - Spanish shows are particularly risible
Lack of original UK content
No indication of what I have watched - stuff I have watched remains in my watchlist
Useless, dreadful interface that always suggests the same old stuff
Inability to search by genre, etc..

I was an early adopter, but I’m back to iPlayer and even the truly dreadful ITV Hub. They’re much, much better than your dreadful service.