Apple Crumble

Apple loves its big announcements.

Usually they highlight a new hardware device. But the tiny incremental changes to their hardware has been eclipsed by rivals (the Pixel 3’s camera alone makes the iPhone redundant).

I’m writing this on a five year old iPad mini, and, at £500 I see no reason to ‘upgrade’.

So, Apple realised that its future is in services.

The problem with Apple services so far is that they have been restricted to Apple devices.

And Apple is not very good at software. iTunes always has been, and remains,  risible. And Apple’s near destruction of the music industry will take generations to forget.

Now, it is moving into content. The enhanced Apple News may be a rival for Flipboard or launched in the headwind of Article 13 in Europe. Clever move, but far too little, too late. And it’s telling how few newspapers are playing ball.

Meanwhile, a megre billion thrown at becoming a streaming service is laughable. You might have Spielberg, Oprah and Aniston on stage, but they’re nothing more than placeholders for great, engaging content.

Ironically, the service where Apple did hit a note with me was with their reimaging of the credit card. This is new, better thinking that ties in customers to Apple hardware.

Both my wife and I are sick of having to reset our credit cards after they are scammed - it has happened to us both in the last year. It could be enough to keep me on the iPhone just as I was prepared to ditch the device.

Forget content, Apple. Follow the money.