Last thing I remember, I was running for the door...

We have a legacy AWS account at TVE where I have managed to shut down most services, but there are still lots of things running on there that I cannot shut down. (I suspect that the real reason for this is that AWS has upgraded and changed its services and they are therefore locked out since I have carefully tried to follow Help instructions).

Or, could I be cynical and point out that a million locked accounts generating $8 a month is $100m to the bottom line ?

We now live in Hotel California - you can stab it with your steely knife but you still can't kill the beast. If you sign up, trying to sign off.

Cable customers will know how difficult it is to cut that cord, and online checking out is so difficult that you give up and sigh every time that $10 appears on your credit card.

And have you tried unsubscribing from an Apple app (although they have apparently made this easier recently) ?

Rather than give us yet more cookie pop ups, perhaps the EU should focus on this and do something useful for once. Fat chance that consumers will get any protections in the US in the forseeable future (and if they do the Supreme Court will rule in favour of corporations).

So, sit back, watch the bills roll in and remember. You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave...