Why Do Uk Sports Broadcasters Hate Their Customers So Much ?

I just wish the likes of Amazon or Netflix or Britbox would go ahead any buy the rights to the various rugby competitions that I watch.

Instead, I spend my days battling technology to try and get matches that I have paid good money for to play on my big screens.

BT is incapable of providing a catch up service (they use some ‘enhanced player’ that does not work on the dreadful Chromecast) and even when they do they tell you the bloody score in the title of the game you want to watch.

Premier TV are miles ahead in this regard, but the quality of their streams, once you have cobbled together PC to HDMI cables or got the awful  Chromecast to work, is barely watchable.

Neither can be bothered to build an app for, er, viewing the content you pay them for on TV. No, no, no, you must watch on your bloody phone, which they have built apps for. No Roku, no Fire TV, no WebTV (ie LG, Samsung, etc..) apps. Instead spend hours cobbling cables and connections together in the vague hope that you can do something that old fashioned TV allows you to do with a click of s remote.

Frankly, it’s just easier to plug in a Fire TV stick, download Mobdro and watch the pirate feed.

Yes, listen to this, I pay for content and still end up watching the awful, stuttering pirate feed. How bloody mad is that ? How bloody arrogant are these companies that they cannot spend £10k, or the fraction if the budget of covering one sports event, on making sure their paying customers can have the best experience ?

I have been involved in the online TV industry from its inception and I have no idea when this madness started. All I know is that TV execs have no idea what they’re doing, and it would be so easy for customer focused organisations such as Amazon or Netflix to have them for breakfast. 

Wake up!