What GDPR Should Have Done

GDPR is probably the most stupid legislation ever enacted and I hope that U.K. will now drop it so that we don’t see a pop up every time we visit a website.

Its intent, however, was good. We should enact similar legislation that transfers the data of individuals to them.

If Google want to know my game, measure my use of their websites or track me on other websites they should get my permission. Fuck cookies. I should be able  to ask Google to pay me for my data.

The EU legislation is just awful since it hits small business and has no impact on Big Internet. Ot does not empower individuals, it just creates opportunities for the hugely corrupt EU to raise money that will go to some corrupt corner of their institution.

Let’s change this. If Google want my data they have to bid for it. That’s their model. So let’s play it.

The U.K. government could do it in a blink, why don’t they?