The Rot

This was going to be a tweet, where, my dear followers, you will know I post my rantiest rants (with thanks for your indulgence). But I’ve elevated this thought since I’ve started to question how we got here, with an incompetent megalomaniac and his college mates running the country and killing tens of thousands of people and still enjoying 45% approval ratings. This is Mussolini - he was a journalist too. 

‪We’ve had some bad ‘uns in British politics, but Nick Clegg must be the biggest chancer ever. He propped up a dreadful Tory regime and is now is in charge of Global Affairs and Communication at Facebook. Let’s get this right. Along with propping up the most disastrous government in British history that broke the country through ‘austerity’ at a time of record low interest rates, when Keynsian investment was the obvious thing to do,  then contrived to take us out of Europe (and probably will break up the union as a result). 

He was duly kicked out by his electorate, but was surely straight on the phone to those £headhunters£.

Facebook needed someone with a good rolodex, and the headhunters had a field day... I’m sure Cleggie’s eyes rolled like a Vegas fruit machine.

So, now he is in charge of policy at a company that probably has more power than almost any government and he still plays second fiddle to a megalomanic idiot at a salary thirty to fifty times what he earned deputy running the UK. Cameron and Zuckerberg must have been a smooth transition. Supporting fascists all over the world, exploiting ordinary people for massive gain, doing anything to make money. This guy was, apparently, a Liberal. How does he live with himself ?

To paraphrase a Catatonia song, every day I wake up and thank the stars I’m not him.‬ Nasty bastard.